No surprises here, and still it feels right to do a brief summary of current activities:

The Work and TRE (neurogenic tremors) continue as a daily or near-daily activity.

I also find ho’oponopono very helpful. (When something in me or the world bothers me then I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.)

In addition, I am exploring asking my angels for help….! In the past, it’s been natural for me to ask/connect with God (BM/BH) and Christ for guidance, deep resolution etc. And now, I am drawn to exploring angels. I can say a lot about why – it sets a direction, clarifies intention, is a reminder, invites a connection to the infinitely wise/kind alive presence in its even more personal aspect etc. – and it’s still more interesting for me to try it and see what happens. (Have not been disappointed so far.) And – God, Christ, angels etc. are of course not separate from Big Mind/Heart/Belly, from what I am. From what any experience – including of an I, me, a world – happens within and as.

I continue to do Breema, walks in the neighborhood and nature, nurture nurturing relationships and so on. And I continue with some of the most basic herbs and supplements – the general ones of eleuthero (longer term energy reserves), rhodiola (short term energy/clarity), vitamin d, Stangelands herbal tea, and some more specific to my situation.

And it seems that the “dark night” (aka brilliant day) has left the most intense phase. Things seems to continue to stabilize, I am starting to be able to envision a future again, and so on.

Note: As mentioned in earlier posts, I find it interesting to explore life/reality/God in its impersonal (Big Mind, capacity) and personal (this human self and it’s relationships, Christ, angels) aspects, and also in 3rd (it/she/he), 2nd (you), 1st (I) and o (capacity) person. They are all (a very few) facets of reality.


The Work, TRE, Ho’o
Breema, walks, friends/culture etc.
Prayer to angels (previously familiar w God, Christ, so now exploring this one, even more personal) – as long as any sense of a separate self here, then makes sense (sets direction, clarifies intention, a reminder, connection with infinite wisdom/kindness etc. – of course not separate from BM/BH/BB, what I am)
“dark night” (aka brilliant day) fading, a bit more stable, able to envision future again etc.

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