Dream: Father of a son

I am at a public event where I am about to speak. Someone tells me my son is there and would like to speak with me. I am shocked to realize I have completely forgotten about him. He is rightly quite upset with me for neglecting him for so long, and I commit to be a better father. He is quite small and amphibian, perhaps from lack of attention from my side.

When I explore this through active imagination, he grows taller and quite beautiful through receiving attention and love. He seems to be a part of me that connects with spirit or God in a more intimate and personal way. This was alive for me prior to my time at the Zen center, and now may be returning. He may be amphibian since we all are, in a sense (aquatic animals), during gestation. I notice that this unfolding of the active imagination seems a bit too “nice” so I would like to revisit it.


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