Dream: Ladder to Heaven

I am at an art gallery in Oslo with an artist friend of mine and another person, and we are having a good conversation. A woman who manages the gallery is upset with us and tells us to climb down. I look down and realize I am on the top of a ladder which symbolizes the steps to heaven. The top steps are quite delicate and the bottom ones larger and made out of silver with some ornamentation on the lower part. As we reach the floor, the woman realizes we are with the artist who made the ladder and apologizes.

I am at the same place, playing a game with friends. I wander off briefly, get distracted, and they are gone when I return. One has left a message that she is upset with me for getting distracted by something else.

This was a rich, full and long dream, involving becoming insect size and interacting with insects, large puzzles of Spirou et Fantasio some children had put together (they got half correct but put the halves together incorrectly), and so on. With the ladder, I was on top of the ladder to heaven with friends, someone was upset with us, and even if we knew she was mistaken we climbed down. I tend to do that in waking life as well. Someone is upset with me (or I think they are or may be) and I climb down the ladder to heaven because I believe my thoughts about it and what it means. It’s a good thing for me to look at.

Some beliefs:

She is upset with me.

She is upset with me and that means….

She won’t like me. She will talk about me behind my back. She will turn others against me.

I will be alone. Isolated. Lost. Confused. Suffer.

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