How is it possible to believe a stressful thought?

How is it possible to believe any particular thought? (Which then becomes stressful.) What are the mechanics behind it?

What happens in images and thoughts? What happens in the body to support this? (Tension, numb?)

So far, I have found explorations of the sense fields to be very helpful, and also The Work, with support from practices to invite a more stable attention (samatha) and body-inclusive explorations such as TRE and Breema. I am not going into details here since there is enough materials there for a book (or a library), it’s more helpful to discover it for oneself, and also because some other posts have more on that topic.

Note: When I did the certification for level one in TRE (Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercises) in Norway, this is what I expected the main focus of the individual sessions would be. Instead, my therapist (who is a psychologist and the main TRE person in Norway) seemed to be inclined to solidify beliefs I brought up for inquiry, take them as real and true, elaborate on them, use them for diagnosis etc.. None of which seemed very helpful to me. What has been – and will be – helpful is taking the beliefs this experience brought up for me to inquiry and explore them in this way on my own. Here are some of these beliefs:

B.A. solidifies beliefs. (When I brought up beliefs I notice in myself, with the intention of bringing them to inquiry, she took them as real, solid, pointing to reality.)

She goes to theory/diagnosis/labels for security.

She is misguided, provincial, uninformed, heavy handed. She doesn’t get the essence of TRE. (How stress, tension, beliefs are created by beliefs, and what happens in the body to make beliefs possible).

She is uninformed about kundalini, inquiry. She should be informed about kundalini, inquiry. She misunderstands. She is arrogant. She puts her stuff onto me.

I need more shared understanding. (The way I am used to with Barry, Bonnie G., inquiry people and others.)

My sessions with her were not helpful. She is making it difficult for me.

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