I am…..

I find it helpful and interesting to do inquiry on I am statements…..

First, a list of ideas of what I am:

I am. I am a being. I am a human being. I am a man. I am Norwegian. I am P. (And so on – any label, identity I have in the world and in my mind.)

This can continue with a list of what I think about my mind and body, how I think others see me, what this means, and why it is that way (I am… because).

Some examples:

What I am most afraid others will see me as, is….

Stupid. Smart. Ugly. Awkward. Uncomfortable. Arrogant. Blind.

I am stupid, and that means….

Others won’t like me. I will be lost. Alone. Despairing.

I am awkward because….

I am not comfortable with people. My parents didn’t give me the love I needed. There is something wrong with me.

And I can then take this to inquiry.

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