Mutuality of Inquiry and TRE

I keep enjoying how well The Work and TRE seem to work together.

Neurogenic tremors (TRE) release tension and trauma from the body. And The Work helps identify and examine beliefs.

Sometimes, I find the tremors helpful during and after inquiry, and I can also bring a belief (wound) to mind while shaking. Other times, beliefs (wounds) may surface through TRE and I can take these to inquiry.

TRE supports the reorganization at mental, emotional, physical and life levels that happen through inquiry.

And inquiry “completes” the TRE process through seeing through the beliefs creating tension, stress and trauma.


– tre + inquiry
— tre supports the process of inquiry, reorganization at mental/emotional/physical/life levels
— inquiry “completes” the tre process, see through the beliefs creating tension/stress/trauma

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