Shifting relationship to life

Situations and experiences always change, so my best option is to shift how I relate to it all.

The Work helps me shift how I relate to thoughts – about myself, the world, any experience.

TRE helps release tension, which helps me shift so I relate to any experience from a lower baseline of stress and tension.

Ho’oponopono shifts how I relate to situations that bother me. I take responsibility for having created them (whatever I see reflects my stories and what’s here), ask for forgiveness, and remind myself of my love.

Asking for help from God (Christ, angels) opens up for a larger wisdom and kindness (Big Mind/Heart/Belly) than what’s here as who I take myself to be (a particular human being).

Breema reminds me of my wholeness as who and what I am, which in turn shifts how I relate to what’s here.

Noticing what’s here helps me coming into more conscious alignment with reality. What’s here is already accepted. What “I” am is that which any experience already happens within and as – including any images of an I, me, a world, and someone relating to something else.

Note: “Ho’oponopono shifts how I relate to situations that bother me. I take responsibility for having created them…”. Any experience is and reflects me in several different ways, first as what I am and then as who I am (human self) in a couple of different ways. (a) Most simply, “I” am what any experience happens within and as. It’s me in a very immediate sense. (b) What I see is filtered and interpreted through my stories about it. My experience reflects and is formed by my stories and beliefs. (c) What these stories points to – dynamics, characteristics etc. – reflects what’s here. These dynamics and characteristics surface here, whether a story says they are here or out there in someone else.


– shifting my relationship to life (thoughts, fear, pain, discomfort, any experience)
– through inquiry, tre, ho’o, prayer/asking for help, breema etc.


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