The Subject Becomes an Object

Through inquiry – and perhaps through natural maturing – what appears as subjects are recognized as objects.

As soon as I believe a story, there is identification with the viewpoint and identity created by that story. The story is taken as who or what I am, as real and true, as something it may seem ridiculous to even think of questioning.

And when it’s recognized as a story – with a certain identity and viewpoint – it is recognized as an object. It’s a story, and when it’s identified with (taken as a subject, believed in), it has certain consequences. When it’s recognized as a story (seen as an object), it can be a practical tool which may seem useful in some circumstances.

That’s true whether the story is she should do the dishes, more basic ones such as I am a man, and even more basic ones such as I am a being, an object in the world, or I am the doer, the observer, the witness, and I am.

Note: This is something developmental psychologists, Ken Wilber and many others have pointed out. And – it’s a good reminder for me.

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