The Work & Sense Fields

Two of the forms of inquiry I have found most helpful are The Work and exploring the sense fields, and they are very similar.

In The Work, I get to explore what happens when a thought is believed and when it’s not.

And by exploring the sense fields, I get to see how the mental field (images, stories) combine with the other sense fields, and what happens when these images and stories (labels, interpretations) are taken as real and true or not.

The two approaches are very similar. They are both meditation. They both investigate what happens when stories are taken as true or not. They both invite identification to release out of stories and viewpoints, including – eventually – the story and viewpoint of me (object) and I (an apparent subject which then is recognized as an object).


the work and sense fields
– the work, explore what happens when believe + when free from it
– sense fields, explore what happens with mental field as an overlay on other sense fields + when taken as real/true or not
– very similar, although different facets, approach from different angles/contexts

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