Beliefs and addiction

Some quick thoughts on beliefs and addiction.

We can be addicted to just about anything – our thoughts, food, sex, internet, tv, work, money, appreciation, status etc.

And I have noticed what so many others have. When I appear addicted to something, I am really addicted to a story.

I can work on this in several ways.

I can inquiry into….

(a) Shame and guilt around the addiction. (I am a terrible person. I let people down. I should be stronger. I should be over this.)

(b) What I appear addicted to. (Sugar gives me comfort. I need the comfort sugar gives me. I feel better when I have sugar.)

(c) Any stressful belief in my life, perhaps especially around mother, father and siblings. (My mother couldn’t give me the love I needed.)

(d) Any belief creating a sense of lack, or of a hole that needs to be filled. (I am/life is not enough. Life is never enough. I need perfection.)

I can also do a quick “shortcut”: I can (i) make a list of what I hope to get out of the addiction, (ii) see if I can give myself the same in other ways, and (iii) inquiry into any beliefs I may have around this including thoughts that may prevent me from giving it to myself  (I don’t know how to give it to myself, I cannot ask for what I want, it’s better when it’s from someone else, I don’t deserve it, I will lose it again). 

Lots of other approaches can of course be helpful as well. For instance, Process Work can be very helpful in uncovering what I am really seeking through my addiction, and finding other ways to fulfill this. TRE (Tension/Trauma Release Exercises) can be very helpful in releasing some or most of the tension and distress that fuels the addiction. And yet, unless the most basic beliefs behind the addiction are addressed, there is something left.


– (a) basic beliefs creating sense of lack, (b) belief specific to what appear to be addicted to
– addicted to a though, not…..
– can work on any aspect of it,  (a) shame/guilt around it, (b) what appear to be addicted to, (c) basic beliefs creating a sense of stress, lack, discomfort
– can also find what really want to get out of it, and find other ways of giving it to oneself + question the basic assumptions behind it
– what i need to be happy is….



– any belief comes with addictions (to the belief, to the should of the belief)

– also, i am not enough, life is not enough, i need…. to be happy/fulfilled/complete,

What I need to be happy is….

perhaps (a) basic beliefs, create sense of lack + (b) beliefs specific to what appear to be addicted to

addicted to a thought, not….

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