Byron Katie & Love

A friend sent me a message asking if I agreed with what Byron Katie says and how I see love.

What Byron Katie says (mostly) fits my experience. It’s what was revealed to me during the initial opening, and what’s revealed as I inquire into my thoughts. Occasionally, she may say something that doesn’t quite fit my experience, although that tends to be peripheral things. (She said once that the question “whose business is it?” is mostly for beginners to inquiry, and I am not so sure.) When I post quotes from Byron Katie here, I usually don’t comment on them – mainly because what she says is revealed through inquiry.

What I have found is that reality is love (aka awareness, Spirit, Big Mind/Heart), and includes what appears as death, illness, confusion, anger, violence, wars and so on. Love includes all of these things that may appear as “not love” in a conventional view. As I find more clarity, this love is recognized more clearly in all it’s many expressions. And it’s expressed more clearly in this life, in a way that appears kind, mature and healthy and looks more as what most people expect love to look like.

Note:  When we live in a way that doesn’t appear kind, it’s most likely love filtered through confusion (beliefs). And if I examine my thoughts about it, I may find it’s still love in itself, even in that expression.

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