Christ with a sword

I sense that this really powerful aspect of the Christ, the one that carries the sword is the next really powerful archetype that is about to unfold for the collective.
– from an email from Barry responding to my dream about the white wolf.

Here is something very simple that comes up for me around the white wolf and Christ with a sword:

Through Tension/Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), tension and trauma is released from the body. A facet of this process is a reorganization of me at all levels – mental, emotional, energetic and physical – in a way that is more natural and healthy, wise and kind. And this more healthy and natural functioning includes (what appears as) the most primal aspects of me, the ones that have an earlier evolutionary origin.

Through inquiry, there is more clarity around thoughts, and this also opens up for a more natural, healthy, wise and kind functioning. Some of these beliefs are very basic and form my perception about life and death, me and the world, survival and so on. And these and any other beliefs create my whole world. They filter, label and interpret perception. They create emotions, the appearance of instincts, and even what appears as the most primal impulses. So when there is more clarity around these thoughts, even what appears as most primal in me is more aligned with reality (Spirit). It functions in a more healthy and natural way, in a way that looks more kind and wise. The primal aspects of me are more aligned with reality, and – in a certain sense – are more in service of reality awake to itself.

So the white wolf can be seen as the primal impulses aligned with reality. And Christ with a sword can be seen as Christ functioning through a human self where more of the most primal is more aligned with reality. (I use the word “more” since I assume it’s an ongoing process for anyone, even – or perhaps especially – for those where there is more clarity.)

Note: I didn’t differentiate Christ from reality, Spirit, Big Mind/Heart, Buddha Mind etc. here, although there is a very clear sense for me that Christ – although aligned with all of these – has a unique and slightly different quality. It seems to have a more fiery, heart centered (literally) and engaged quality than, for instance, Big Mind. Christ may be closer to Big Heart (in it’s engaged aspect), and perhaps Yang Big Heart. And still, it seems a bit different too. Christ has a fiery engaged aspect, and – in my experience – engages with the body especially in the heart and on top of the head. (In the energy system, I notice a quite intense brightening on and above the top of the head, it even looks quite similar to a flame!)

Note 2: TRE and inquiry are two of very many examples of how we may invite in the white wolf or Christ with a sword. It happens to be two approaches I am exploring now, so that’s why they become examples here.


– tre, releasing traumas
– inquiry, finding clarity – including the most basic beliefs, corresponding to the most primal aspects of us

– the most primal parts of my human self, more consciously aligned with reality




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