Dream: Cross country skiing

I am attending a long-distance cross country skiing event with a team. I go for a while, then rest in a comfortable vehicle while others on the team go. It’s night. I shift between feeling overwhelmed by thinking of the very long distances we are going, seeing it’s been OK so far, and suspecting the feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion may be created by my thoughts about it being exhausting in the future.

This mirrors my waking life. After the cf, even regular daily activities can feel like a long distance cross country skiing event. And I also see that a sense of tiredness and exhaustion is created by my thoughts about it. A sense of exhaustion and tiredness is created from (a) a label, an interpretation (which also brings attention away from symptoms of vitality), and (b) stories such as I will be exhausted, I need more rest (when I have the thought I need more rest it’s as if my mind says to itself “OK, if that’s the case I’ll create an experience of tiredness so he’ll rest”).

Some stories:

It’s cf.

It’s tiredness.

I need more rest.

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