Dream: Unmusical ghosts

I am at a place that’s similar to a traditional Japanese temple complex. I have been there for a while, studying and enjoying myself, and as not many others are there I have played music while studying outside and inside of the different buildings. I realize that since there are several ghosts there, I would like ask them what type of music they would prefer to listen to. I ask a small group of ghosts in conversation with each other, and they don’t seem to pay much attention to me. I even list a few of the categories – classical, Native American, pop – to invite a response. Then I move on, asking more ghosts, but none seem very interested. I get the impression that they are used to being ignored, so when I initiate contact and ask for their input, they just continue whatever they were doing without paying much attention to me.

The temple complex has beautiful wood and stone buildings and beautiful grounds. I enjoy my extended stay, although not many others are there. I realize most humans, including me, tend to ignore the ghosts and I am drawn to connect with them and listen to their wishes – in this case for music. They seem used to being ignored, and yet, I know that if I continue asking they will eventually realize I take them and their wishes seriously.

What do these ghosts represent in me? It could be they represent memories, a dead situation yet still around as images. It could also be they represent parts of me that are there as potentials or “shadows” and haven’t yet come into a more full flesh and blood life. Or they could represent my experience of reality – as here yet insubstantial as awareness itself. As I woke up, the first option felt most likely for this dream.

I am revisiting memories these days, especially from childhood, in order to do inquiry on beliefs formed in specific situations, and also doing ho’o on myself as a child in those same situations. These memories are just like ghosts: Insubstantial, “dead” since the situation is long since gone, and yet still somehow around. I am drawn to connecting with them and take them seriously, and they are at first a bit slow in responding since they have been ignored for so long.

The last ghosts I asked before waking up had a white mask from a Japanese no play. He or she may have been an actor, and was in conversation with another ghost. These old memories and images are of course just like actors, playing their parts in my mind.

Dream residue: I listened to a chapter from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire before falling asleep, where the students return to Hogwarts for a new year there, and I thought they treated the ghosts with some disrespect.

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