Head pleasure

I noticed what I could label headache after a long day in the sun.

Can I find where the turnaround is equally true for me?

It’s headpleasure.

Asking this as a sincere question, with curiosity, I did find where it genuinely is that.

I stayed with it for a while, with curiosity.

And I also saw how the labels pain and pleasure are both labels.

They are not inherent in the sensations.

They are added on later.

What’s there is neither.

Looking at it again some minutes later, the first label that came up was pleasure.

– 0 –


As with any inquiry, there may be a temptation to use it with an image in mind of what I expect to find, or to use the turnaround as an affirmation or wishful thinking.

I saw that, and took it as a reminder that what I wish for – what’s meaningful and interesting for me – is an honest inquiry.

What’s really there?

Can I find where it genuinely is pleasure for me?

– 0 –

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