I am an exception

I am an exception

This is one of the beliefs that creates a sense of separation.

I may think I am an exception in an ordinary human sense – that others and life in general doesn’t mirror me completely.

And I may perceive all as Spirit (God, the divine) except (a) parts of this human self (shadow), and (b) this I as an observer/doer.

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I am an exception because….

I am an exception, and that means….

Life doesn’t mirror me in these ways…..

I am more…. than….

I am less…. than….

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Additional beliefs

This sense of I is separate from life (reality, God, the divine).

This doer/observer is separate from life.

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I notice the importance in not censoring myself when I make the lists above. What I write is – at one level – clearly not true, and often contradictory.

And yet, it comes up, it’s held as an innocent belief somewhere, so it can be helpful to take them to inquire and see what I find.

I may be surprised.

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Own inquiry

I am an exception because….

I am more confused.

I am more lost.

I am more insightful.

I am not as good with people.

I am an exception, and that means….

I am alone. Isolated.

Not as good as others. Better than others.

Life doesn’t mirror me when….

I am more…. compared with…

I am more kind than Hitler.

I am more confused than Byron Katie.

I feel more lost than JH.

I am not as… compared with….

Clever. Insightful. Skilled.

Skilled in life.

I am not as clear as Adyashanti

I am not as accomplished as OKL.

I am not as good looking as Brad Pitt.

I am not as good with people as BMS.

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