Inquiry: He should be open to question any thought

He should be open to question any thought.

(C. hosted a combined inquiry/TRE group, and stopped because he thought we left “bad” energy at his apartment.

I suggested he could question that thought and see what came out of it, and he said “no, it’s just how it is”.)

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Is it true?


Can you know for certain it’s true?


What happens, how do you react, when you have that belief?

I have an impulse to push/encourage him, and I see it’s from a belief, so I am caught in a struggle between pushing and holding back.

I feel frustrated. Uncomfortable. Tense.

I have beliefs: I understand something he doesn’t, he doesn’t trust me, he doesn’t/should acknowledge my insights, he’s stubborn and thick headed, I get it and he doesn’t, I know what’s going to help him, I need him to listen to me/take me seriously, I need him to know that I am right.

Who would you be without the thought?


Appreciating that he knows what he wants, what feels right for him in the situation.

Appreciating that life shows me where the group is not going to be.

Taking care of my business: Inquire into my beliefs. Finding a new place.


He shouldn’t be open to question any thought.

He is following what feels right for him there and then.

It helps me see my beliefs about it, and question it.

He may play a role that’s important for him and others.

I should be open to question any thought.

Especially about him. When I get caught in the initial belief, I am not so open to question it.

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Further inquiry

The worst that can happen in my life is for me to stay confused.

TA: The best that can happen in my life is for me to stay confused.

It’s best for me because…

I may get to see how clarity and confusion are equal.

It’s best for others because….

By being confused, I may play a role for them that’s important, helpful for them.

It’s best for the world because…

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Additional beliefs

Inquiry is for everyone.

Inquiry is for anyone in any situation.

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