Inquiry: I need a shift

I need a shift.

(When I do inquiry.)

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What happens, how do you react, when you have that belief?

I look for a shift as I do inquiry.

I look for questions or insights that may give such a shift.

I get distracted from the more honest, real and sincere answers.

If I don’t notice a shift during or following inquiry, I think it didn’t work.

I am at war with inquiry and myself as I do inquiry.

Who would you be without it?

Free to inquire with sincerity.

Interested in what’s there, what’s real for me.

Sense of trust, curiosity.


I don’t need a shift.

It’s not my business if there is a shift or not.

If there isn’t a shift, in my mind, it’s just my story about it. Reality may be quite different.

If I think I need a shift, that too is my story about it. Reality may be very different.

I need it to be unchanging.

If I tell myself it’s unchanging, it helps me to identify this belief, and it’s an invitation for finding clarity around it.

If it’s unchanging – for instance if I still feel unease or lack of clarity – it may lead me to something outside of my familiar frame of mind. I may ask for help. I may do inquiry on underlying assumptions. I may surprise myself.

If it’s unchanging, it’s an invitation for me to see if it’s OK as it is. Can I find where it’s OK as is?

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When I have motives for inquiry – other than just seeing what’s there – these motives may color the inquiry.

I may look for and find answers I think will get me what I look for.

The most obvious motive may be to feel better.

And another I notice for myself is a desire for a shift.

So I can identify these motives, take them to inquiry, and see what I find.

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