Inquiry: I


Is it true?


Can you be certain it’s true?


What happens, how do you react, when you have that belief?

There is a sense of an I.

There is a sense of an I here and the rest of the world out there.

There is a sense of separation. Of boundary between I and the rest of life.

This I seems separate, special, somehow an exception, excluded from rest of life.

There is a scramble to figure out what this I is.

Images comes up, trying to explain what this I is.

It’s a center. What chooses. What observes. What does.

It’s what controls this human self, this being.

It’s the center or the controller of this human self, this being.

There is a need to remember these images, these definitions.

There is a sense of needing these images for safety.

There is a sense of having to defend this I, protect it, make sure it’s safe, continues to exists.

There is a fear that this I may not exist in the future (or now!).

(Remembering the images/definitions makes it appear to exist now.

Aiming at defending it is an attempt to protect it against not existing in the future.)

This all takes a great deal of energy.

(Creating an image of an I with a boundary and a world outside, definitions of this I, and trying to maintain it now and in the future.)

It’s stressful. There is some tension. Clutching.

There is fear of nonexistence.

Who would I be without that thought?


Free. Engaged. Receptive.


Sense of flow.



No I.

The only place I can find an I is in my images of it.

It’s not inherent in reality (no evidence of it).

It seems more peaceful.

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