Inquiry: It’s an insight, it’s my insight

It’s my insight.





What happens, how do you react, when you believe that thought?

I feel possessive of it.

I protect it – against forgetting it, against others questioning it.

I experience ownership of it.

I feel that having it somehow enhances me.

I feel better than others who don’t have it.

I tell myself I somehow created it. I take credit for it.

I know it can be questioned so I experience unease.

I experience separation to others, myself, life.

I am a bit tense. On guard.

Who would you be without it?

Free around the insight.

Curious about it.

Interested in what more is there.

No sense of ownership.

It’s here as a visitor.

Appreciating it’s gifts.


It’s not my insight.

It came as a visitor, out of the blue.

If it’s worth it’s salt, it’s most likely universal, accessible to anyone,

an insight that has visited, is visiting, and will visit many around the world.

It’s not “mine” since I didn’t decide to have it, I didn’t create it, I can’t decide for it to stay around,

I have no control over what happens with it if I share it through words.

An insight is a stepping stone, a pointer. I don’t need to “own” it.

It’s my confusion.

My beliefs around it is my confusion.

If I take it as true, mine, or something to protect, it’s my confusion.

 – 0 –

 It’s an insight.



What happens, how do you react, when you believe that thought?

I hold onto it. I see it as precious.

I put it into words, and return to those words as if to rehearse it and remind myself of it.

It feels a bit stale and dry.

Attention is held to it and there is less receptivity for something else.

Who would you be without it?

Curious. Interested.

Free to explore.

Free to see what’s fresh here and now.


It’s not an insight.

If it’s a thought or a memory, it’s not an insight.

There may have been a seeing or realization that brought about a shift – it’s not necessary to call it an insight.

Insight is just a label, it’s not there in reality.

It’s a delusion.

Well, the label insight is a delusion if it’s taken as true.

If it’s a memory or thought, and taken as insight or true, that’s a delusion.

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