Male, female

I had a conversation with a friend about feminine and masculine aspects of reality or God, and we both know that it’s just a play with images and stories. It can be interesting, fun and perhaps even helpful, especially when we recognize it is a play with an overlay of images.

I have images of what constitutes masculine and feminine characteristics, mostly from culture – and many of these are somewhat contradictory. (What’s associated with one or the other tend to make less sense the closer I look at it.) So I may use these as metaphors when I talk about facets of reality. And life, in a sense, use my images, when certain facets of reality appear in my dreams (and visions) in a masculine or feminine form. For someone else, perhaps from a quite different culture, the same facets may take quite different forms.


My beliefs and images create my whole world. They filter perception, label, interpret and elaborate into further stories.

So I see something in life and metaphorically call it feminine or masculine.

What I see is filtered through my beliefs and images.

And what I see as feminine and masculine is all in my images. It comes from culture, religion, whatever subcultures I may be familiar with, and my personal experiences.

And when I dream or have visions, life will be filtered this way too. An aspect of life may take a feminine or masculine form to me, all depending on my images of it.


There is “pure perception” and then an overlay of images and stories. These create boundaries, and inside and outside, objects and so on. They also create the story of a me and I, which is then used as temporarily helpful stories or believed in.



– our beliefs/images creates of whole world (filters perception, labels, interprets, stories)
– make/female – all in our images
– also when put on different aspects of reality – (a) label something, (b) call it male/female
– will also appear that way to us, for instance in dreams, visions etc.


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