Mini-inquiry: Ghosts

The worst that can happen in my life is a meet a ghost.

The best that can happen in my life is to meet a ghost.

It’s the best for me because….

I would be inspired to identify and inquire into my thoughts about ghosts.

I may get to see it is OK, that my greatest fears didn’t happen.

Through finding clarity on my stories about ghosts, there could be shift in other areas of my life – e.g. where I am scared of something unknown.

For others

It may be helpful/inspiring for others if I find clarity on my stories about ghosts.

It may help people open their view of the world and what’s possible (in terms of ghosts and inquiry).

If I find clarity and meet them with kindness, this and/or future ghosts may find peace.

For the world

The ripple effects of the above may be helpful for the world.

If ghosts find peace, it may be of benefit for the world.

– o –

Resistant thoughts I noticed during inquiry

If I see meeting a ghost as the best for me, I will meet one. They will keep coming.

I will end up helping ghosts move on. I will have a ghost busting business.

People will see me as weird.

– o –

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