Mini-Inquiry: I want life to be easier

For many people, an interest in spirituality is driven – at least partially – by a desire to escape, to find peace, freedom, a refuge.

So it’s good to look at the beliefs behind this desire.

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I want life to be easier for me.

I want life to be friendlier for me.

I want life to feel more at home for me.

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I need an escape.

I need an refuge.

I want a way out.

Clarity is a way out.

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It’s better to not be seen.

It’s better to not exist.

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This is not enough.

Life is not enough.

Truth is not enough.

I am not enough.

I want something else.

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Who would I be without these stories?

These beliefs create the apparent desire for escape, for a refuge, for peace, for something else than what’s here.

Who would I be without these stories?

For now, what comes up is someone at peace with what’s here.

And, most likely, still with an interest in clarity and kindness, and living from clarity and kindness.

It can always be more clear.

And I get to see when I inquire into these beliefs.

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Should, need, want

I am curious about the differences between (a) life should be easier, (b) I need life to be easier, and (c) I want life to be easier.

On the surface, I see that it’s not true for me that life should be easier, or that I need life to be easier.

And it still seems true that I want life to be easier, so that’s the one I am most drawn to right now.

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– I need to escape (life, this situation)

– it’s better to not exist

– it’s better to not be seen

– i need a refuge (a physical place, in peace, spirituality etc.)

– enlightenment/clarity is a way out

– I want to escape, I want to not be here, I want something else

– Life should be easier for me, feel more at home for me, be more friendly for me

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