Mini-inquiry: The best is for me to not be more healed

The worst is for me to not be more healed.

TA: The best is for me to not be more healed.

It’s best for me because…..

It’s an opportunity for humility.

It inspires me to look at my beliefs around health and find more clarity (peace, freedom).

It shows me I am not in control.

It gives me an opportunity to explore and learn about inquiry, TRE, herbs and more.

It helps me to meet others as a human being just as them, as equals.

It helps me slow down. It helps me find enjoyment in the simple things in life.

It opens me up for something new, something different from my familiar approaches and views.

Best for others

It gives others an opportunity to be of assistance.

Friends have told me they appreciate that I show myself as more fully human.

Best for the world

The ripple effects of the above may be of benefit to the world.

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