Motives in Inquiry

When I have motives for inquiry – other than just seeing what’s there – these motives may color the inquiry.

I may look for and find answers I think will get me what I look for.

The most obvious motive may be to feel better.

And another I notice for myself is a desire for a shift.

So I can identify these motives, take them to inquiry, and see what I find.

In this way, it becomes clear that these motives are a gift, they become the gateway into more clarity.

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Truth & Love

I see that a quiet and persistent draw is to see what’s there, it’s an interest in truth.

And there is a draw to find love for what’s here.

Truth opens for love, it shows that love is already here.

And love opens for receptivity and curiosity for the truth.

Truth reveals love. Love reveals truth.

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I’ve been there too, and what I discovered was there were motives running all over the place. I noticed I did the work to get rid of stories and I resisted my thoughts; and the work is about loving what is; if you resist your thoughts you cannot open up to them and then they will not shift. thoughts are like little children that need some attention and want to be understood. we cannot skip them; they ask for our heart. what I’ve learned is that the work takes more than just answer the 4 questions by mind. it takes silence, it takes love and care. it takes connection; this is a work of love. that’s what I remembered at the school so clearly and is quite difficult at ‘the real school’ for a lot of us. to make this thing work you have to connect with your feel. why are you doing the work every day? this is what I asked myself too. do I ‘work’ because I have to, (motives-ego identified with the work) or because I love to? am I doing this for myself, or to be something-somebody? it’s all the difference! and it isn’t called the work for nothing; things aren’t over yet, but at least I’m enjoying the work again! I’ve been questioning my resistance towards the work and it really opened me up to it. and another thing; in silence the work does you- so it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to skip inquiry once in a while ; )

– Charlotte V. on FB, responding to a The Work related question from Espen R..

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