I experienced nausea last night, and noticed a slight leaning away from it.

A slight resistance and fear, created by beliefs:

If I allow the nausea, it will take over.

It will be overwhelming.

If I resist the experience, I can keep it at a distance.

And as soon as I dove into the experience of nausea, there was a shift.

It wasn’t scary at all.

The nausea revealed itself as something quite different than how it initially appeared.

A full, soft experience. There was a sense of coming home.

And I still laid on the sofa, drank water, took it easy.

As soon as attention went somewhere else, there was that slight (habitual) leaning back again.

And yet, this time, I remembered that diving into it is OK.

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3 thoughts to “Nausea”

  1. Yes! 🙂

    I have been diving into many things recently, that I habitually ‘resist’ – fear, doubt, even joy (that’s been quite a big one for me to notice and dive into).
    I too have noticed a shift towards ‘coming home’. The experience can just be allowed to be there, and enjoyed even. And I am able to ‘take it’, in my experience so far 🙂
    I notice I then often feel gratitude arising naturally and authentically.
    I am also more able to take care of myself, show myself compassion, rest, smile, give to myself.

    Thank you

  2. Thank you! Yes, I too experience gratitude. And also that the initial label I may have – for instance “nausea” – doesn’t fit so well anymore when I “dive into” the experience.

  3. Yes, the experience here of the initial label no longer ‘fitting’ so well is true for me too.
    Feels like a process of ‘unlearning’ – so many things aren’t how/what I’ve thought them to be, for a long time.
    Some beliefs that come up for me around this:
    ‘This could get overwhelming’
    ‘This could ask too much from me’
    ‘I’m not strong enough to stay with it’
    ‘I need to be right’
    ‘This feels too insecure’

    Thank you

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