Spirituality and seeking perfection

What came up for me here is any confusion around my spiritual path being about ‘improving’ or ‘bettering’ myself so that I only think ‘perfect’ thoughts or behave perfectly (whatever that may be!). This is a clear example of the war within myself, and how I may take myself overly seriously.
– S.F. posting in the forum for the telecourse on turnarounds

I find it helpful to look at my motivations for being on a “spiritual path”.

Partly, it may be an innocent seeking for clarity, peace and returning home. And there may also be a set of equally innocent beliefs here.

Some beliefs:

This is not home. I don’t feel at home here. I need to feel at home. It’s better to feel at home.

I need to be perfect. Perfection is possible. It’s better to be good.

I can improve myself. I need to improve myself. I need to better myself.

I am not enough as I am. This is not enough. What’s here is not enough.

Clarity is better than confusion. Awakening is better than staying confused.

What I seek is out there (in others, past/future).

2 thoughts to “Spirituality and seeking perfection”

  1. Yes!


    ‘There is somewhere to get to’
    ‘There is somewhere else to be’
    ‘I need to be fixed’
    ‘Life needs to be fixed’
    ‘To be spiritual is superior’
    ‘I don’t have enough to offer’
    ‘To live a spiritual life requires self-denial’
    ‘To live a spiritual life requires serious-ness’
    ‘To live a spiritual life requires austerity’
    ‘I don’t deserve to be happy/free’

    Thank you

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