The belief that’s here

Life shows me what belief to take to inquiry next. It’s the stressful one right here, brought to the surface by this situation.

When I do inquiry on the belief that’s here, it feels alive, juicy, relevant, and sometimes even a bit urgent.

2 thoughts to “The belief that’s here”

  1. This is my experience too…..when I inquire into thoughts arising now, the inquiry is more ‘felt’ and relevant, often giving me relief and a sense of pressing a reset button – back to myself without story 🙂

    I also notice the inquiry may allow me to ‘track back’ to past situations that the current situation is triggering, so I get to see both

    with Love and gratitude 🙂

  2. Thank you. Yes, I find it very helpful to track the belief back as well – and do inquiry on/from the situation where I first remember the belief. 🙂

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