Thoughts about clients

Some thoughts about the client I have noticed during facilitation:

It’s better for her to start with a different variation of the statement.

It would help E. to look at underlying beliefs.

C. should be open to question any thought.

She should be open for finding more than three examples.

She should stick with the simple directions.

I need to help.

The client needs to have a shift for it to be successful.

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JYNW on Clients

I am frustrated with clients because…. they may not “get” inquiry.

I want my clients to…. follow the simple directions.

My clients should…. be receptive, allow inquiry to work on them.

I need my clients to…. have a shift, find clarity.

My clients are… brave, insightful, sometimes confused.

I don’t ever want my clients to…. not follow the simple guidelines.

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