What I hope to get out of inquiry

What I hope to get out of inquiry is….



** A shift. **

Comfort. Feeling better.

An easier life.

Being liked.

Insight. Understanding.

– 0 –

This is one way to identify motivations behind inquiry, and take them to inquiry.

And, as always, when I write these lists, there is no need to be clever or spiritual.

Do I sometimes do it to feel better? Yes.

Do I sometimes do inquiry with the hope that it will make me more likable? Yes.

Do I sometimes do inquiry thinking I’ll get some good insights out of it? Yes.

There is of course nothing wrong with having these motivations,

these  perceived needs, shoulds and wishes,

and there may also be more to see here.

– 0 –

I need peace. Is it true?

I want peace. Is it true?

Peace is not here. Is it true?

– 0 –

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