Your nothingness, everythingness, and somebodyness

Spiritual birth is realizing your nothingness, everythingness, and somebodyness.
– Adyashanti

Nothingness – capacity for experience, for this world.

Everythingness – that which experience, this world, happens within and as.

Somebodyness – this human being living in the world.

2 thoughts to “Your nothingness, everythingness, and somebodyness”

  1. Thank you for this 🙂

    What comes for me also is:

    Nothingness: I am nothing in particular; beyond any fixed definition or
    identity. This feels close to wisdom.

    Everythingness: I am all possibility (including light and shadow – all is within
    me). I am the projector of my world/life. This feels close to

    Somebodyness: I experience this world/life on a physical/emotional level as a
    human being, with all limitations and grace that this brings.
    For instance, my apparent ‘imperfection’ brings humilty,
    patience, understanding and taking myself less seriously; my
    apparent mortality brings an appreciation of life and
    relationships, a feeling of ‘aliveness’ and an instinct to
    experience and serve life.

    In Love and Gratitude for you

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