A prayer, and image of a library collapsing

Before falling asleep, I asked myself what my most sincere prayer right now would be.

What came up, after a while, was a prayer for resolution at all levels of my life.

As I engaged in this prayer, noticing how sincere it was, there was an image of a large and tall library full of books collapsing.

It was clear that I didn’t know, and couldn’t know, how this resolution would look. It means something outside of anything I am familiar with from own experience and from what I have heard or read from others. It may well mean letting go of much or all of what I have put my faith in – in terms of ideas, identities and identifications.

Note: Having said that, I also suspect a deep resolution does involve a deep peace with and love for what is, and yet, that may happen in a way I can’t quite imagine. And when I say “letting go of” it doesn’t necessarily mean discard, it may mean recognizing I have put my faith in an idea, identity and identification, while that’s not where such a deep and profound resolution is to be found. The image of a tall library collapsing in a could of dust was quite surprising and vivid, and I guess I could call it a “vision” although that seems a too dramatic word. It reminded me later of the scene from The Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter) where the glass orb storage area collapse.

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