Anxiety and love

The basic connections between anxiety, beliefs and love seem quite simple and reveal themselves through inquiry and many other approaches.

Anxiety comes from beliefs, some basic ones and some specific to specific forms of inquiry. The general beliefs may be: Something terrible will happen. It’s possible for something terrible to happen. And some specific ones to specific forms of anxiety: (a) People will judge me. I am not good enough. I need their love, acceptance and appreciation. (b) I will die. It’s terrible to die. I will die and that means…. (c) Snakes are…. I will be bitten by a snake. I will be bitten by a snake and that means….

And these beliefs block awareness of love. They block awareness that it’s all love (people, experiences, situations), and they block awareness of love for oneself, others and whatever we may be afraid of.

The Work may be a good way to identify and inquire into these beliefs, and many other approaches may be helpful as well, including TRE to release the tension and trauma around and fueling the anxiety, tonglen, The Big Mind/Heart process or Voice Dialog, and ho’oponopono on oneself (in past, present and future anxiety triggering situations), others, and situations and objects triggering anxiety.

Note: I thought I would write something on this since a Facebook friend posted an article on using compassion to cope with anxiety. Love may dissolve a great deal of the anxiety and what brings it about. And the last little bit, the seed of anxiety, can be resolved – and seen through – with inquiry. And especially if underlying and very basic beliefs and assumptions are brought to sincere inquiry.


– anxiety, from beliefs (people will judge me, i am not good enough, something terrible will happen) which block awareness of love (all is love)
– all is love + love for self/others/whatever may be afraid of
– beliefs, shared + different for each type of anxiety
– the work + other approaches – tonglen, big mind process/voice dialog, ho’o etc.
– the basic connections between anxiety, beliefs and love is probably quite clear to anyone who has explored inquiry or any of the many approaches mentioned here

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