Christ Exploration

How is it to meet whomever I am with – in person or my mind – as Christ?

How is it to meet whatever is here – noise, discomfort, hurt, pain, thoughts, identifications – as Christ?

It’s very simple, there is nothing that’s not Christ. And it works because it’s true.

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It also helps me see how I tell myself that this person, this experience, is not Christ.

So I can explore how it is to meet that person, that experience as Christ.

And make a note of the resistant thought and take it to inquiry.

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– meeting whomever I am with – in person or in my mind – as Christ
– meeting whatever is here – in experience, any sound, emotion, hurt, pain, joy – as Christ
– very simple, and is true
– also helps me see my beliefs, how certain thoughts are temporarily taken as true.

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