It is a great honour to sit with discomfort

It is a great honour to sit with discomfort, for all the mysteries of the universe lie within. As you sit with discomfort, you also meet discomfort’s best friend – the urge to escape that discomfort! Is there enough room in you for both discomfort AND the urge to escape discomfort? Of course – who you are is vast and spacious enough to hold anything. This is true meditation – no longer resisting discomfort and trying to escape to a future comfort, but discovering the ever-present, unconditional Comfort that you are, the perfect calm in the midst of the storm.
– Jeff Foster

A few questions I have found helpful:

Can I be with this?

Is it true what I am looking for (relief), is not already here?

Is it true this (this experience) is too much?

I need it to change, is it true? I want it to change, is it true?

I can also inquiry into basic labels such as “discomfort”, and see if/how the reverse may be equally or more true.

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