Life’s in a hurry

Sometimes, it seems that life is in a hurry with me right now.

The exact thoughts and states I tend to recoil from are the ones visiting, and sometimes quite strongly so.

Of course, it’s more true that I am in a hurry. I am in a hurry to see what’s really here.

Thoughts taken as true surface to find liberation from being taken true.

States surface so they can be recognized as love. And this happens through investigating what sometimes prevents them from being recognized, which are beliefs about them.

My human self seeks to righten and heal itself through bring what’s not healed to the surface, inviting it to be seen, felt and loved. To reorganize. To see that there is nothing to heal.

Life seeks to heal itself. Life seeks to recognize itself as it is – as love, consciousness, temporary appearances of thoughts, beliefs, identities, identifications.

Life is in a hurry –> I am in a hurry, which is more true. And life is not in a hurry, which is also true. Life just is. Life is what allows and appears as hurry and no hurry.

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