Meeting as Christ

In exploring meeting what’s here – the person I am with, the experience that’s here – as Christ, several things comes up.

First, the thought that this was known already during the opening or initial awakening in my teens. It was clear that everything without exception is awareness, love, God, Spirit. And yet, there were some deep seated beliefs here as well, formed earlier in life. There were beliefs about certain experiences – states, roles, situations – saying one is good and one is bad. And as these still had emotional charge, there was yet another belief saying that something has gone wrong, the clarity has disappeared.

Now, in exploring what’s here as Christ, there is a sense of deepening into recognizing whatever is here as OK and more than OK. It’s the divine appearing as whatever is here. And if it appears as if in disguise, that comes from my temporary beliefs which makes it difficult to recognize it as the divine.

Meeting what’s here as Christ, what’s here clearly doesn’t need to change.

Meeting the person I am with or the experience that’s here as Christ, there is a sense of coming home, a deep relaxation, and it seems very simple and even obvious. It’s a bit funny, touching, sobering, and – most of all – I see that if this is Christ appearing as this person or experience I cannot so easily brush it aside. Life asks something of me.

If Christ appears to me and I recoil, what beliefs do I have about this appearance of Christ that makes me recoil? What do I find when I investigate these beliefs more closely?

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