Saying yes

Can I say yes to this?

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How would it be to say yes to what’s here?

To the person I am with, the experience that’s here?

(And, of course, that  internal yes to the person can come out in the form of a an external “no” to any particular request.)

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What happens when I say an internal no to what’s here?

What happens when I say yes to what’s here?

What fears and beliefs does this bring up?

What do I find when I look into these?

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It may be clear to anyone who has explored this for a while, and yet good to mention briefly.

A quiet and internal yes to any person and experience is just that.

It doesn’t mean I would say yes to any request, or want to live with that person, or go along with any suggestion or action.

It means I am free to say yes or no as each one comes up for me.

It means I am free to act in an as kind and wise way as is available to me.

It means I am free to say yes to hunger and still eat, say yes to pain and still go and see a doctor, say yes to poverty and still do I what I can to alleviate and prevent it, say yes to Breivik and still think it’s a good thing if he is locked up for a long time.

I notice I still have whatever wisdom is here to guide me.

If I say yes to whatever is here, the fear is that I won’t be able to take care of myself, I won’t be a responsible citizen anymore, and so on.

Is it true?

What do I find if I take it as an experiment, if I try it out in my own life?

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