The worst that can happen is…. to be flattened

The worst that can happen in my life is to be flattened. 

(Caught up in resistance to experience, caught up in hurt etc. and with no impulse to use any “technique” to relate to it, as happened a few days ago.)

TA: The best that can happen in my life is to be flattened. 

It’s best for me

(a) It showed me I am no different from anyone else.

This is a shared and – I assume quite universal – human experience.

(b) It showed me that I sometimes rely on tools and techniques to manage/manipulate my experience.

I sometimes use inquiry, ho’o, TRE, prayer etc. to manage and change states and experiences, and this comes – at least partly – from some beliefs.

(c) It brought some beliefs into the light:

This experience is not OK. 

I want a permanent state of comfort, satisfaction and joy. 

When I feel like this, it means something terrible has happened / will happen. 

I should be further along by now. 

(d) It invites me to receptivity for something new, something I may not be familiar with or haven’t taken seriously so far.

It invites me to allow myself to be surprised.

(e) It showed me that it seems helpful to take it easy during these hours or days. To relax. Go for walks.

(f) It showed me the tendency to take old beliefs/hurts and put them on current situations.

It showed me that I did this less this time, partly because I see/feel it doesn’t belong there.

(g) It showed me that I sometimes still resist experience, and even resist that resistance.

I have a belief that this experience is not OK, and then a belief that that belief/resistance is not OK.

It showed me it’s OK. It’s part of human experience. It makes me just like anyone else. It’s sobering and humbling in a good way.

(h) It helped me appreciate just being without using any tools to work with it.

It’s freeing for me to allow that too and see it’s more than OK.

It’s best for others

 It makes it easier for others to be around me when I see that I am just like anyone else, and that it’s all OK.

Someone may get something out of what I share here about it.

It’s best for the world

 The ripple effects of the above may be of benefit to the world.

 It may be good for the world to have people honest about these things.

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By finding specific, real and simple examples of how the turnaround is as or more true than the initial statement, the viewpoints of the different stories – in this case the initial belief and it’s turnaround – tend to cancel each other out. It becomes clear that the initial belief is just that, a belief, a thought temporarily – and in a sense mistakenly – taken as true.

There is space for the natural kindness and wisdom that’s here to function more free and independent of these particular thoughts.

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