TRE and the raw emotions

I have for a long time know and recognized that there must be some primal beliefs here around death, survival, needs and so on. And I have worked on them in different ways, but it has always felt a little superficial and dry. I wasn’t quite able to dig into it in a juicy and full way, since the intensity of it was quite low, the volume button  was turned quite far down. Not much in my circumstances or internally had really triggered these primal beliefs.

Now, it’s quite different. It happened partly through the dark night of the soul phase where shadow material and primal fears & beliefs surfaced quite strongly – especially after I asked to be shown what’s left! (And was plunged into a period of primal dread and terror.)

TRE also seems to invite these primal fears and beliefs to the surface, including some very basic ones. The volume button is turned moderately up, just enough so it feels alive, juicy and relevant. Just enough so I am invited to continue shaking with the fears and beliefs in mind, bring it to ho’oponopono, and find more clarity around these basic beliefs through inquiry.

These primal fears and beliefs seemed a bit hypothetical and dry initially, and TRE has helped shake them up and to the surface so they are more alive, juicy and meaty, so they can be seen, felt and loved as they are, so the beliefs behind them can be brought to inquiry.

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