TRE and The Work

I have written about Tension/Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) and The Work before, and it came up for me to explore again how the two fit together.

TRE invites a release of tension out of the body, whether this tension is from the same day or has been stored for weeks, months, years or decades. And it also seems to invite in a reorganization of the human self at all levels – emotionally, energetically, physically, mentally and in action – so it all functions in a more healthy and natural way, with kindness and ease.

The Work invites a release of the seeds of tension and trauma, the beliefs creating stress, tension and trauma in the first place.

Both TRE and The Work can give a deepening sense of comfort in the world, a sense of being at home. There is also a growing trust that if I go into stressful situations it’s OK and temporary. Tension and trauma can be released through TRE. And whatever belief surface is a gift I can unwrap through The Work which leads to clarity, freedom, insight and kindness. The world reveals itself as a friendly place. What I thought was the worst that can happen is revealed as something quite different. It may even be – honestly and genuinely – the best that could have happened, a pure expression of love.

TRE and The Work can also work together in quite direct ways. (a) I can bring a stressful situation or memory to mind, shake, and invite the tension behind it to release. (b) If strong emotions or stressful memories come up through TRE, I can find the beliefs behind and about it and find clarity through inquiry. (c) TRE seems to shake up and out new layers of basic beliefs so they surface in an alive, juicy and real way, and these beliefs can then be taken to inquiry. (d) And I have also found it helpful and interesting in group sessions to do TRE first, followed by The Work. Participants can then chose if they want to shake and do inquiry on the same topic, or just shake freely and then do The Work on whatever is alive for them.




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