2012 revisited

I have written about this before, and am revisiting it to see what’s here.

We are now in the middle of 2012, and some folks may still have certain ideas about this year:

It’s the end of one long cycle of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of another. (True.)

There are ancient Mayan prophecies associated with this year. (Not true, as far as anyone knows. The new age ideas about 2012 were invented by one or more western authors in the 19760s/70s, and other folks picked it up and elaborated on it – it’s all a modern invention).

Something terrible will happen. (The earth will be struck by another planet etc.)

Something wonderful will happen. (Large groups of people will awaken etc.)

These folks are all kooks. They believe whatever they want to believe. They don’t use a scientific approach. They don’t look at the data. They project their fears and/or hopes on their idea of the future. (These are the ones I will look at first for myself.)

And more basic: It’s possible to know the future. I can know the future. I know better. I know.

I am open for any possibility. I can have any number of intuitions and visions about the future (which I don’t in this case), and people I respect may have ideas of what will happen, and yet, I it’s all a play of images. It’s a set of images of what will happen, placed on an image of a future. The most honest is that I cannot know, and I also see I don’t need to know. If I were to put my money on something, it would be that the human collective moves on much as before.

So what will people who believed otherwise – who imaginatively put their hopes or fears on 2012 – do? Human history is rife with prophecies about the future, including specific years and dates, so it’s perhaps not so difficult to imagine.

Some may recognize that they put their images of what may happen on their image of a future, and that it was fueled by fear. (Hope and fear are both fueled by fear, in my experience.) They may take a closer look at what happened, including through shadow work, sense field explorations, or The Work.

And some may avoid looking at this through going into one or more emergency beliefs:

The timeline was wrong. It will happen later. (A favorite among Christian groups.)

It didn’t happen because too many were skeptical. People were not ready.

It happened, but in a more subtle way. People just didn’t notice.

If something does happen, the ones who initially dismissed it may have some beliefs:

It was just a lucky guess. It’s not what they predicted.

They were smarter, more insightful, than me.

The main reason to explore this is that it mirrors me. I do all of this, I have had each of these thoughts surfacing in different situations. So it may be helpful for me to take a closer look at this for myself.

Note: How would I explore projections through sense field explorations? I can notice that my images of what may happen, and my images of a present and future, is all happening within my world of images. That the fear fueling it is a combination of sensations and images (label, area, stories of what it means). And that it’s the attempt to escape from this fear that sets this all in motion.

Note 2: I went to an event with Mayan shamans in Oslo last summer. It was billed by the organizer as relating to the changes in 2012, and – as I expected – the Mayans didn’t mention 2012 with a word. I assume they went along with it for pragmatic reasons, so they could reach a slightly larger audience and have an opportunity to share their more timeless message. They are pragmatic, and admirably so.

Note 3: I’ll update this post with this list of doomsday prophecies from the SETI institute: Doomsday 212 Fact Sheet.

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