Asking and prayer

In addition to others explorations, I often ask and pray.

Most often, I ask for guidance, to be shown what’s next, to be shown what I am not seeing about something, and for deep resolution at all levels (which includes finding peace with and loving what is).

It sometimes repeat thank you as a mantra and prayer, as an invitation for myself for a shift into gratitude, recognizing the gratitude that’s here, an expression of gratitude, and an exploration to see what happens when I include everything in my life – and especially what I tend to not feel grateful for – in this gratitude.

At times in my life, I have explored the Heart Prayer, saying Lord* Jesus* Christ** (in breath), have* mercy* upon me** (out breath) with the breath and heart beats (*).

I sometimes pray for the well-being of others, either individuals or groups including all humans, the world as a whole, and past and future generations. (Yes, also past.)

A year and a half ago, I asked – sincerely and deeply – to be shown what’s left, no matter how it would look. (As they say, be careful what you pray for – you may get it. I got plunged into primal terror and dread for weeks and months afterwards.)

And sometimes, I ask for something else. For many years, I asked for a life of service, benefiting myself and others, and I sometimes still do. A few days ago, I asked for my health to improve and for a good life (in a conventional sense), while also continuing clarifying and exploring new layers. At this point, it feels compassionate to ask for a good life in a conventional sense, along with a continuing maturing and clarifying.

And when I pray for something specific – resolution, health, well-being – it’s in the context of Let Your Will be done. What I pray for is my preference, and I am open for something else.

Who or what do I pray to? Often, it’s just asking and a prayer. Sometimes, it’s a prayer to God. Sometimes, to Christ. And sometimes – yes – to angels.

And how does asking or prayer work? I don’t know and don’t really need to know. And yet, I suspect it’s a combination of clarifying and setting an intention, of finding receptivity, and of life – the universe – responding. The first two is a realignment of myself so I perceive and live my life differently, and the third – as anything else really – is a mystery.

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