Cause and effect in the dreamworld

I just listened to a teleconference with Byron Katie where she used the phrase that’s cause and effect in the dreamworld. I didn’t hear what was before or after due to transmission problems, so that was obviously all I needed to hear.

Cause and effect in the dreamworld.

We can of course explore cause and effect in a conventional sense, and use that in everyday life.

And yet, when I look at images and thoughts about any specific cause and effect, I see it’s just that – a thought and an image. It’s not true. And those thoughts and images can be very helpful in everyday life.

I may also find that my images and thoughts about future, past and present, are just that – images and thoughts. They are not “out there” or “inherent in the world”, they are not absolutely true or any final truth. They are assumptions or questions about the world. They can be very helpful in a practical sense. And it can be very helpful to take a look at what happens when I take these images and thoughts as true, and what happens when they are seen as just images.

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