Current explorations

I keep returning to these explorations these days:

(a) Identifying and inquiring into beliefs. What does this fear say? What stories are behind it? What do I find when I investigate these? (The Work.)

(b) Staying with the experience that’s here. Is there a fear behind this unease, tension, discomfort? What’s the sensation component of what thoughts label fear? How is it to stay with these sensations, as a friend?

(c) Neurogenic tremors. What happens when I invite in this trembling and shaking? How is it to shake with a particular stress-creating situation, memory or belief in mind. (TRE)

(d) Stable attention. Inviting attention to stabilize through bringing it to the sensations of the breath at the nostrils.

(e) Prayer. Asking to be shown the way. Praying for the well being of others and myself, for deep resolution for myself.

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