Emotional charge

I keep returning to this:

I often find I don’t believe a certain thought at a conscious level. I see it’s just a thought. I see the turnarounds and can find genuine examples for how each is as or more true.

And yet, there is still an emotional charge around the thought. I may even live, to some extent, as if it’s true.

And that shows me there is something left.

It’s still believed at a certain level. It may still be held in place by underlying and unexamined beliefs.

And that’s where the simple directions are helpful:

What’s the specific situation? Write a Judge Your Neighbor worksheet from that situation. Wait in silence for the answers to come up. Get close. Inquire into each of the beliefs, as if you are in that original situation. Wait in silence for the answers. Get close. Use it as meditation. Bring the inquiry into your life over hours or days or even weeks. Stay with it.

Track it back. When do you remember first having that thought? What was the situation? Who were there?

Find the underlying beliefs. I have lost my bearings, and that means…. I have lost my bearings, because…. And again, for each of these, track it back. When did you remember first having that belief? Who were there? What was the emotion? Write a JYN from that situation.

It can also be very helpful to work with an experienced (certified) facilitator.


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