Emotional charge

I keep noticing this:

There can be a general quite clear insight, from immediate experience.

And at the same time, there may be contrary beliefs running with an emotional charge.

Inquiry can be very helpful here. What are these beliefs? What do I find when I investigate each one?

And the usual guidelines apply: Find a specific situation where I had that belief, perhaps the earliest I can remember. Who were there? What did I feel? What did I think? Write a Judge Your Neighbor worksheet. Take each statements to inquiry. I can also find underlying beliefs and do the same with these. And I can work with an experienced facilitator.

What I find is that the beliefs that still run, sometimes contrary to my conscious view and experience, are there because they have yet to be investigated in a more finely grained way. And, of course, my conscious view may also create stress, turn out to be an unquestioned belief, and be taken to inquiry. Who knows what I’ll find.

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