Fascinated child

I was out walking with an inquiry friend yesterday, and stopped in front of an ice cream cart. A three or four year old girl looked at us, transfixed. She stood there for a few minutes while her parents patiently waited, then came with them as they left, and shortly after returned to look at us again. We waved and said hello, and she still looked at us transfixed. After a few more minutes, her mother showed up, lifted her up, and left.

Afterward, we wondered why this sometimes happens with children. What do they see?

I wonder if she remembered where she is from (before incarnation), and saw that we remember as well. She may have recognized something. And since it’s at a different level than the human and human communication, saying hello and waving is irrelevant.

Of course, I can turn this around to myself and find what’s equally or more true. I recognized in her what’s different from the human. I recognized her as a soul, as the divine appearing as an individual.

Note: This is of course not really about “remembering where we are from”. It’s just a noticing here now, in immediacy. A noticing of our timeless nature, that images of time and space and you and I happens within and as awareness (Spirit, God, love). When that’s recognized here and in and as the world, and it’s recognized through someone else, there is a mutual recognition as well – we both notice it in each other, perhaps especially in the eyes and shine of the person.

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