Finding thoughts: God wants me to suffer

God wants me to suffer.

God wants me to suffer so I can grow.

Suffering is a part of life.

Suffering is a punishment.

Happiness is followed by suffering.

I will continue to suffer.

– 0 –

God see it as valuable that I suffer.

God is indifferent to my suffering.

Suffering is valuable.

Suffering helps me grow.

Suffering is my path to clarity.

Suffering makes me more mature.

Suffering helps me go deeper.

God loves suffering.

– 0 –

I’ll be too different from others if I don’t suffer.

I won’t know who I am if I don’t suffer.

I need to know who I am.

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Additional thoughts

(from inquiry friends on Facebook)

Suffering is safe.

Suffering is real.

Suffering is being in solidarity/compassionate.

Suffering means I care for you.

Suffering is necessary to make progress (the same a giving birth with pain).

Suffering is inevitable.

– 0 –

No pain, no gain.

– 0 –

Suffering is the best spiritual master.

Suffering led me to enlightenment.

– 0 –

If I do not suffer, I will not achieve anything.

Suffering is necessary.

– 0 –

Suffering is virtuous, I need suffering to connect with others, it’s impossible to never suffer, I mustn’t betray my suffering, I mustn’t betray others’ suffering.

– 0 –

I’m the only one who is suffering. I do something wrong because I’m still suffering. I can’t deal with the suffering. The suffering is too heavy. I need to suffer so I will know what to change in life. If I don’t suffer I won’t be part of the group. If I don’t suffer no one will help and take care of me anymore. If I don’t suffer people will loose interest in me!

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One thought to “Finding thoughts: God wants me to suffer”

  1. Thank you 🙂

    What comes for me also is:

    I am suffering
    This is suffering
    Suffering is virtuous
    I need suffering to connect me to others

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