Hell, purgatory, heaven

Any map mirrors what’s here, and so also the map of hell, purgatory and heaven.


Hell is when I believe a story.

When I tell myself something is, was or may be and shouldn’t be.

Or something isn’t, wasn’t or may not be, and should be.

Hell is also what I explore through question no. 3 in The Work:

What happens, how do you react, when you believe that thought?


Purgatory is The Work, being with fear, shaking and so on.

It’s taking the backwards step.

It’s seeing, feeling and finding love for any experience, meeting it as a friend.

It’s meeting and investigating any stressful thought, finding what’s more true for me.

It’s the dark night of the senses or soul.


Heaven is a temporary well being, an alignment of should and is.

Heaven is clarity, loving what is.

And eventually noticing all as already innocence and love.

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hell – when believe thought, answering no 3, dark night etc.
purgatory – question no 1, 2, 4, tas + shikantaza, being with experience, shaking etc.
heaven – (a) temporary well being, alignment of should and is, (b) clarity, loving what is

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